Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

In the process of removing and healing from periodontal disease, the use of dental lasers is needed and beneficial. At Centennial Periodontics & Implants we have multiple patients in our office each day requiring help for periodontal disease. When hearing laser dentistry, some may develop some curiosity or anxiety, please continue reading to learn a little more about our laser dentistry and how it can help you.


LANAP stands for Laser-Assisted New Attachment Process. When experiencing periodontal disease, as it develops portions of your gums will become compromised making the natural attachment of your gums weak. When our gums become weakened and the attachment loosens, this is where our teeth can start to fall out. The LANAP laser assists the production and the attachment of the new healthy gum tissue.

Laser Dentistry Procedure

Traditionally, periodontal disease treatment consists of removing the diseased gum tissues from the pockets that housed plaque build-up. Stitches would then be used to reshape the gums around the teeth. This conventional process usually has a long recovery period and can be uncomfortable.

In using the LANAP laser, the diseased tissue is removed with a light frequency while also eliminating infection and promoting the development of new healthy tissues.

Other Dental Lasers

Multiple different types of lasers are used in this specialty of dentistry to make removing periodontal disease quicker and less invasive. With the LANAP laser we also perform treatments using:

Biolase Laser: Using a combination of water, air, and the laser, the Biolase laser allows us to perform a wide variety of minimally invasive surgical procedures.

Diode: Being only used for soft tissue procedures, the diode produces wavelengths allowing the laser to penetrate 2 to 3 mm of soft tissue.

The use of laser dentistry is worldwide because they have produced better outcomes, faster healing times, and are significantly less invasive than other treatments.

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