3D Dental Printer

3D Dental Printer

SprintRay 3D Dental Printer

Allows us to develop a full prototype of your mouth

The SprintRay 3D Dental Printer allows us to develop a full protype of your mouth. This allows us to our job that much better. We are able to be percise and reduce errors by a signifcant percentage.

The Benefits of 3D Dental Printer

Faster printing: The SprintRay 3D dental printer can produce high-quality dental models in a fraction of the time it would take traditional methods, such as hand carving or casting.

Cost-effective: The use of 3D printing technology reduces the cost of producing dental models, as it eliminates the need for expensive materials and labor-intensive methods.

Versatility: The SprintRay 3D printer can create a variety of dental models, including orthodontic models, surgical guides, and temporary restorations.